Controller pack – HAPP


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Button:32.8 x 64mm

Joystick:95 x 60 x 105mm

Microswitch:27.4 x 15.5 x 9.5mm




Used for various wood and metal controller.

Available for metal base or plastic base, and iron bowl/plastic bowl as well.

Twist-type design and locking-type design.

Meet with design reqirement of various machines.

Hign reliablity and long life, tested to 10 million cycles for microswitch with gilded legs, and 5 million cycles for microswitch with silver contact legs.

Material: Plastic + Circuit Board


Package Included:

6 x Blue Push Buttons

6 x Red Push Buttons

2 x Start Buttossn(White)

20 x Microswitches

14 x Fixing Rings

2 x Joysticks

Weight 4 kg


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